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Launch a new COMMON venture with the help of COMMON and the recognition of a global brand. This program is available based on approval by COMMON and is designed to feature social businesses (and entrepreneurs) that exemplify our values and a commitment to creating shared value through collaboration and collective resilience.


COMMON: Licensor

You: Licensee

1. Licensee is granted a one-year non-exclusive right to use the COMMON logo and associated marks globally.

  • The lenght of this agreement may be extended based on written mutual consent by the licensor and licensee.

  • As licensing the COMMON mark is a new initiative, a more extensive contractual agreement beyond what is reflected within these Terms may be required in the future. 

2. License Fees

  • 3% annual license fee based on gross revenues. To be paid quarterly.

    • 1% of license fee will be allocated to the COMMON Fund. (learn more)

    • 2% of license fee will be used for general operations by Licensor.

  • $1,188.00 (USD) annual membership in the COMMON Community. 

  • The annual membership fee, or any balance of, may be deducted from payment of the 3% annual license fee.

3. Licensee will receive all of the benefits and services listed within the scope and terms for membership in the COMMON community, (found here) including participation in profit sharing once that program is initiated across the entire COMMON community.

4. Licensor will provide additional support to licensee based on established goals, plans, and needs.

5. Licensor will make the following available to Licensee.

  • The COMMON logo, identity system, basic assets.

  • Option to use a COMMON email address (free for 3 members of the Licensee team).

  • Google Apps account (free for 3 members of the Licensee team).

6. Licensee agrees to participate in quarterly virtual meetings with all licenses and operators of COMMON Companies. (4 meetings a year)

  • Quarterly meeting dates will be determined in advance.

7. Licensee agrees to these basic requirements for participation in the COMMON community at large.

  • Prioritize a small amount of time (15–30 minutes) each week to be visibly active and engaged with the community on Slack.

  • Offer assistance to a fellow COMMONer once per month.

  • Prioritize and actively engage members of COMMON and Licensor’s extended professional network in collaborations and paid engagements as deemed necessary and appropriate.

  • Maintain financial integrity. (Pertains to the monthly $99 membership fee, contracted services, etc.)

8. COMMON reserves the right to revoke the license and permission to use the COMMON logo and associated marks. To revoke:

  • COMMON must advise Licensee of the issues or complaint in writing.

  • Licensee will have 30 days to respond to the issues or complaint and make the changes requested by Licensor.

  • If the licensee fails to respond to the issues or complaint within 30 days Licensor may revoke the license and terminate the licensing agreement immediately.

9. Licensee may terminate this agreement at any time.

  • To terminate this agreement, Licensee must notify Licensor in writing.

  • The terminating date will be effective 30 days from the date of receipt of the notice of termination by Licensor.

  • Upon receipt notice of termination Licensor and Licenses will reconcile all license fees due to Licensor based on operations up to the termination date.

  • In the case of termination, Licensee is responsible for paying all license fees owed to Licensor based on operations up to the date of termination.

10. Licensee is not an employee or subsidiary of COMMON. 

  • Licensee agrees to indemnify COMMON

  • COMMON agrees to indemnify Licensee


COMMON’s goal is to help entrepreneurs launch hundreds of businesses with the immediate recognition of a global brand that represents a shared purpose, shared goals, shared means, and shared values.

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Launched in 2011 for the purpose of accelerating social innovation through a new form of capitalism, COMMON exists to unify social businesses through shared purpose, shared goals, shared means, and shared values.

By coming together as a community, instead of remaining purely independent — social businesses gain incalculable strength in numbers. That alone creates tremendous value in unprecedented ways, but more importantly it represents the power to offset market dynamics that have rendered the majority of social businesses small, under-resourced and vulnerable to rapidly changing conditions.

The COMMON community spans 21 countries  and 27 industries and includes first time solo entrepreneurs and large corporations . Together we accelerate each other’s business, leveraging  COMMON’s unique approach to building, launching and promoting ideas that take care of the planet and all the creatures on it.