15 Podcasts Social Entrepreneurs Need in Their Ears

At the end of last year, the Public Relations and Communications Association predicted 2019 would be the Year of the Podcast, and boy does it look like they were right.

Podcasts (and podcast listeners) account for a rapidly increasing sector of our information and entertainment consumption. Edison Research calculates American podcast listeners spend an average of over 11 hours a week listening to podcasts, or more than an hour and a half per day. Weekly podcast listeners averaged seven podcasts in the last week, and 74% of them listen with the intent of learning new things.

What’s more, 54% of listeners are more likely to consider brands they hear advertised on podcasts than ads encountered in other mediums — meaning podcasts are a huge opportunity for mission-focused businesses both to learn from each other and to get the word out about what they’re doing.

But at this point, there are so many podcasts out there — how do you even start finding the ones that hit that infotainment sweet spot relevant to those of us focused on building businesses that solve the world’s problems? Well lucky for you, we did that work for you. Read on for 15 of our favorite social business podcasts that will get you hooked:

1. The Social Enterprise Podcast

Host Rupert Scofield, an expert in microfinance, social enterprise and impact investing, interviews successful social entrepreneurs and impact investors on all the steps of building and running a social enterprise.

2. Social Entrepreneur Podcast

Perfect for those whose social enterprises are just getting off the ground, Social Entrepreneur Podcast releases new episodes every Monday that interview entrepreneurs, founders, investors and thought leaders. Each episode focuses on positive stories and solutions, and ends with a call to action.

3. Do Good Better

Trina Isakson blends rants, conversations with expert guests and listener Q&As to share knowledge about trends and issues facing social innovators, social entrepreneurs, socially responsible businesses and nonprofit leaders.

4. Social Innovation Conversation

Co-hosted by the Stanford Social Innovation Review Editor-in-Chief Eric Nee, this podcast presents talks and lectures from experts in nonprofit, government and business on the latest research and solutions to humanity’s biggest problems.

5. Next Economy Now Podcast

Next Economy Now highlights leaders embracing a regenerative, bio-regional, equitable, transparent and whole-systems approach to using business as a force for good.

6. Abundant Edge Regenerative Economy

Host Oliver Goshey interviews leaders and change-makers in the worlds of permaculture, natural building and regenerative living.

7. Global Goals Project

Using the UN’s 17 biggest challenges that face the planet as a jumping off point, this podcast features conversations with leaders of innovative tech companies and impact investors who leverage their capital to create solutions.

8. Financing Social Entrepreneurs

This weekly podcast interviews the people who fund and support social innovation in different ways, from grant providers, to impact investors of various kinds, angel investors, foundations, family offices and more. They talk about the pros and cons of different sources of funding, share lessons and insights, and provide invaluable advice for any social entrepreneur or innovator looking to finance a sustainable social business.

9. Beyond Reports

Beyond Reports is a monthly podcast from GRI, pioneer of the world’s most widely used standards on sustainability reporting. Each episode features the latest sustainability news, an interview with a member of GRI’s global multi-stakeholder community and insights on how sustainability data can empower action towards a better tomorrow.

10. Money and Meaning

Money and Meaning seeks to expand the conversation around impact investing, strategies to finance & support social change, unlikely partnerships across sectors and how to utilize the tools of capital markets for a greater good.

11. Cause an Effekt

Claudoa Eslahpazir hosts weekly interviews with disruptive entrepreneurs, revealing what it took for them to build their business — everything from how they overcame psychological barriers to how much it cost them to develop their first prototype.

12. Disruptors for GOOD

Presented by our good friend Grant Trahant of Causeartist, this podcast explores social entrepreneurs around the world who have dedicated their lives to creating brands that impact the world in a positive way.

13. The Woodshed

Hosted by COMMON co-founder and all-around advertising genius Alex Bogusky, The Woodshed exists to demystify the creative process. By showing the creative process in action, the show works to take away the fear of coming up with the powerful ideas that move business. While not explicitly impact-focused, Bogusky and his guests cover some important dirt about creativity that social entrepreneurs need to know.

14. Impact Boom

This show searches the globe to find the people, stories and inspiration to help you create maximum positive impact. Impact Boom interviews world-leading social innovators, entrepreneurs, changemakers, designers, educators, thinkers and doers who share insights, ideas and inspiration.

15. Global Goals Cast

Global GoalsCast is a podcast that inspires and empowers listeners to make the world a better place by sharing the stories individuals, companies, and organizations that are advancing and achieving a more sustainable world.

If podcasts are already a part of your weekly routine, cue one of these up and let us know what you think. If not, try one out, get hooked and then let us know what you think!

And we’d love to hear if we missed any of your favorites for mission-driven businesses.