4 Month Leadership Circle

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4 month circle.png

4 Month Leadership Circle


You’re creative, hard-working, leading from purpose, and committed to making a difference. Yet something gets in your way.  Do you ever::

  • Feel isolated or alone?

  • Face insecurity or self-doubt?

  • Question yourself? Question your impact?  

  • Catch yourself in reactive patterns?  

  • Wonder if you’re leading from your natural power?

  • Know that you’re capable of more?

Facilitator / Coach: Robin Athey

This 4-month Leadership Circle is open to those in the COMMON community who want to explore their leadership, core beliefs and patterns, and relationship with their own power in a safe, confidential environment, among peers. Together we’ll set intents and try on new actions.

    • We will be a group of 6-8 select leaders / COMMONers.

    • The Circle will be a space where you can share with one another, while supporting and challenging each other to come into a new level of leadership.

    • As partners in the Circle, you are invited to:

      • Share your human experience as a leader

      • Bring difficult issues and explore challenges

      • Witness and learn with your peers

      • Experiment with new ways to access your potential

      • Become more of the leader you know you can be.

    • Over the arc of 4 months, we will:

      • Meet twice per month by Zoom, for 2 hours. (Sessions will be recorded.)

      • Form small peer groups of two to three people for support between sessions.

      • Experiment with exercises and new practices.

      • Share methods, feedback and tools to expand your awareness, impact and leadership repertoire.

      • Use Slack for support, accountability, and sharing of experiences

    • Optional support is available via 1:1 coaching sessions + 360 leadership feedback using The Leadership Circle Profile

    • We will launch as soon as we have a full circle.

    • Contribution to join the Circle is $1495. (Payable in one or two installments. The cost of this Circle is $3000 outside of COMMON.)

    • To learn more, please Slack or schedule a 30-minute call at https://calendly.com/robin-108.