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“Pit a grandmaster chess player against a computer, and the computer will win every time. Pair a grandmaster with a computer and the pair will beat a computer every time.”

Our Co-Founder, Alex Bogusky, made that statement recently while explaining how the advertising industry is changing. In his opinion, folks like him (creative directors) can no longer get away with saying, “Just trust me. I’ve done this before, and I've got a good feeling about this campaign,” to their clients without anything to back it up.

That’s a huge deal given that Alex led his agency CP+B to over a billion dollars in annual revenue, 1,000 employees, and more awards than any other agency in the history of advertising which won him the honor, Creative Director Of The Decade in 2010 - all by trusting his gut.

Alex’s point. In the digital age, testing needs to move up in the creative process to catch problems earlier, support better choices, and increase the outcomes for clients.

We agree. In fact, we have always felt that products should not go to market until there is data to justify doing so. And that is why we have spent the last two years researching the best ways to test new products before they launch.

Our goals:

  • Accelerate new product launches and increase the rate of success.

  • Bring new products to market with data attached.

  • Help our members generate the operating cash they need to enter the market without having to give up equity, take on outside investors, or relocate.

  • Help our members avoid investing time and money in ideas that are not viable.

To those ends, we’ve partnered with LaunchBoom. These guys offer a proven step-by-step system for testing and launching new products using crowdfunding campaigns’ on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. In fact, they’re one of the top rated services on Kickstarter and have even been designated a premier partner by the platform.

For COMMON members who opt-in for this paid service, we’ll prepare you by refining your brand values, mission, and positioning then initiate the LaunchBoom process beginning with market-testing your offering. If you pass the initial test and validation phase, LaunchBoom will set you up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo with a minimum goal of half a million dollars, along with a fully-developed marketing campaign that virtually guarantees success. Check out more about their process here.

Who is this offering for:

  • Anyone going to market with a new product

  • Anyone seeking to validate a new product and reduce risk

  • Anyone seeking to use data to strengthen their pitch

What you get:

  • Customer validation

  • Orders for your product

  • Operating cash

  • Key Data and Analytics

  • Marketing Assets (Facebook & Instagram Ads, Brand Video, Product Photos)

  • Email Lists