JP Morgan, Founder of JP Morgan | Creating

JP Morgan, Founder of JP Morgan | Creating


An interactive community work and coaching session.  

About This COMMONar: Too often our vision for a better world seems at odds with the work that puts bread on the table. Is it really possible to have both? How can you approach your business in a way that creates both profitable success and meaningful impact? JP will dive into these questions and more during this interactive session.

Participant engagement is highly encouraged for this interactive COMMONar.  If interested, please contact

Date: November 13th, 2018

Time:  11:30 am PST / 2:30 pm EST


Bio: JP Morgan

JP Morgan guides creators in being more powerful in every area of their life and work.

The entrepreneurs and artists he coaches all share an aspiration for excellence and an obsession with mastery. Through regular loving and confronting dialogue, which compliments their daily practice of self-cultivation, JP’s clients discover how their mind creates their world and how through surrender they can gain greater control, more fulfilment and exponential results in their life and work.

JP’s Personal History

In its essence, JP Morgan has been supporting entrepreneurs and artists around the world since the late 90’s, though this work became his profession in 2010. Since then, he has supported numerous individuals in growing their peace, joy and success in the world through growing themselves.

Beyond his the daily work with clients, he has been invited to share his ideas and spirit on numerous stages. (TEDx, Global Citizens Forum, BBC & SkyTV, YES Group, Interesting Talks London, InsideOut Movement, METal International, educational institutions, etc.) At a private event, attended by many of the world’s billionaires, JP was invited to speak on creating a world without borders. At the University of Cambridge, he was the subject of a covert study between the psychology and business departments where researchers sought to understand the impact of his state of being.

Previous to his current work with leaders, and post formal studies in Physics and Mathematics, JP founded a real estate business and then (from a backpack) founded a web media company serving local and global non-profits. He has lived nomadically while travelling the world for three years, coached human rights leaders, toured as a musician in bands, developed a children’s library in Cambodia, published travel writing and photography, competed as a black belt and triathlete, performed as a professional magician, studied with Buddhist monks and spiritual teachers, paraglided the Swiss Alps, cycled solo for thousands of miles and has gone on many other adventures.