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Many of us are in or around the brand-building business. Join us on January 10th and hear more about Gary’s thought-provoking (and maybe a bit uncomfortable!) theories and methodologies. 

Date: January 10th, 2018

Time:  2:00 pm EST / 11:00 am PST



Bio: At age 66, after much struggle, tenacity and a refusal to be victimized by a destroyed economy and ageist discrimination, Gary Wexler has fought back against being labeled old and irrelevant to great success. A former copywriter and creative director for major ad agencies, he created award winning work for clients ranging from Apple to Coca Cola. A former owner of Passion Marketing, one of the largest Communication agencies at the time servicing the NGO sector globally, he built branding campaigns and consulted on the creative process of fundraising, advocacy and volunteerism with clients ranging from the Ford Foundation to United Ways, with peace organizations in the Middle-East and development agencies in Haiti. Then, with the Great Recession and approaching his sixties, the business crashed and he was being dismissed as an aging voice. 


In his re-emergence, Gary is now an Adjunct Professor teaching the most popular classes in the Masters program at USC-Annenberg, the Number One Communication school in the world. He is a blogger to thousands about the New Communication, challenging both the business and the NGO worlds. Along with fellow Common member, Chris Agutos, he is the founder of the Red Table startup, a New Communication event to unleash the creativity of its participants. The Red Table just received a national award from Bank of America as one of the most creative events the Bank has hosted this year. He has become a consultant and lecturer in China on creative thinking to both businesses and universities. And last year he wrote a book that is getting 5 star reviews on Amazon: Sorry Millennials, we’re not dead yet: The Boomer Rebellion.

Visit The RedTable at: www.garywexler.com