On November 2nd, 2018 members of the COMMON Community became stakeholders in a new company. It's called COMMON Future. And Alex Diaz, COMMON’s Lead Insurgent in Latin America, is the entrepreneur behind it.


COMMON Future is the 1st business to enter a license agreement to operate as a fully branded COMMON company. (more in are the works).

And that is worth noting because....

COMMON future.png

1% of all gross revenues from COMMON Future's business activities will go to the COMMON Fund and will be available for distribution to each community member as part of our profit sharing program. (see resources below to learn more about profit sharing)

Now imagine 100, 250, 500, 1000 COMMON companies contributing 1% of their gross revenues to the COMMON fund.

COMMON Future is a communications advisory company dedicated to working with cities, towns, and governments around the world. Its product? Media campaigns and cultural productions to raise awareness and mobilize people around Climate Resilience.

In getting to this point, Alex has done everything we imagined from the beginning. He's taken the time to understand the design of our brand, our acceleration capabilities, and uncovered the best way (for him) to leverage our support and infrastructure through consistent interaction with us in small doses.

Alex has also done another critical thing.

He has gotten to know as many of his fellow COMMONers as he could. That has enabled him to rapidly assemble a world-class team consisting of members who will be partnering with him. This is another first for our community. To date, that includes:

  • Christine McDougall

  • Philip Folsom

  • Robin Athey

  • Kimberly Kortash / Brandekko

  • Kerrie Finch / FinchFactor

  • John Weiss / Human Design

  • Eric Shamlin / MediaMonks

A quick recap.

  • COMMON members are now stakeholders in a new COMMON Company that was created through participation in our community and by one of our members.  

  • 1% of gross revenues from the company will go to the COMMON Fund and will be available for distribution as part of COMMON’s profit sharing program that will kick in upon arriving at 400 members.

  • The company will be operated in collaboration with COMMON members who will earn money by working with the new company.

Does knowing this make a difference? Does it recast the potential and rationale for engaging with your fellow COMMONers? I hope so in that the success of COMMON Future is ours to make collectively.

To that end, Alex is seeking his first city and corporate partner. He'll be asking for your support through Slack and other means, which is now a way of nurturing your interest in COMMON Future's success and ensuring that Climate Change is met with resilience.

Since introducing Collective Resilience and our commitment to unlocking shared financial value in October more and more members are shifting from a mindset of, "I am paying $99 a month to have access and receive support," to, "I am a co-investor in unlocking resources and creating shared value for the entire community."  That is taking the form of members:

  • Referring people to COMMON at an accelerating rate

  • Sponsoring entrepreneurs so they can be part of the community

  • Inquiring about starting a new COMMON Co.

  • Engaging COMMON for strategy, branding, marketing, advertising projects

  • Leading COMMONars

  • Participating in visible ways on Slack and Social Media

So what does all this mean?

  • It means that we have begun to unlock the barriers to financial participation in the success of companies.

  • It means we have opened the door to creating value that is shared by many, not just a few.

  • It means that we have landed on way to register and account for peoples’ contribution to businesses beyond just finance and money.

It means that we are tracking with our mission of redefining and refocusing capitalism.

Now, let’s for a moment, reflect on this post. Has your perspective shifted? What about your understanding of COMMON? Do you see new possibilities? Can you imagine would it feel like to experience the principles and dynamics conveyed here operating at scale? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, reach out and let’s explore ways to create value together.

In the spirit of being FearLess together, here’s to COMMON Future being the first of many COMMON companies that you have a stake in.